We deal with works regarding the boat body, fiberglass, polishing and gelcoat repair on every kind of boat and yachts.

    Our qualified staff can carry out hull, topside and superstructures painting, both on new and on already paint boats. After a free consultation, we can decide if your boat needs polishing or painting, and which product consequently.

    We use enamels or gelcoats to finish our works externally. Our company uses the best brands available only.

    Your boat is a very important possession and a significant investment.  We well know you want to get it back on the water as soon as possible, which is the main reason we have worked hard to develop repair efficiency and offer only the highest quality repair work.


    Our artisans carry out structural changes or hull and bridge repair, using epoxy resins, vinyl ester or polyester resins, according to the boat conditions. We work with a naval engineers’ team, if we need to carry out structural changes on the boat.

    Ready assistance, on-site inspection and no-obligation offer 329-8768807 – Mail

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