Boats in general are prone to wear and tear by their use, the elements, like rain and sun.

Do not undervalue the sea and dried salt effects, too. This is the reason why our company has decided in the last few years to specialize in the boat refitting, so that the boat itself will resume its original perfect condition.

Basically, a refitting intervention concerns renovation of each yacht core component, thanks to which our client can requalify their boats from both the aesthetic and the functional point of view.

Our design department staff will suggest you the best changes to be done on your boat and they will accomplish their task professionally, respecting security regulations and using the best materials available.


• Bath room and cabin extension;
• Sea water and toilet supply system installation (WC and sanitary furniture by Techma- Thetford Residential);
• Floor remake and substitution;
• Tailor made furniture and tables;
• Interior colour decoration on wood and tapestry renovation;
• Old and anaesthetic tapestry change;
• Painting and polishing;
• Electric and hydraulic systems and motor renovation;
• Steel component disassembly and subsequent polishing;
• Video and sound system renovation, with the latest generation devices (the best TV sets, DVD players and Dolby Surround systems available);
• Bilge change and underwater light installation;
• Jabsco, Gianneschi and Johnson pump installation and maintenance.

Last but not least, our staff take particular care in the finishing touch, with special attention to detail.

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