We offer the best winter storage and service facilities


First of all a boat needs to be fully cleaned after a season in the water to be prepared for the winter storage. Our boatyard is provided with a large yard and covered indoor areas dedicated to the storage of yachts and boats. As far as our storage service is concerned, we always have the pleasure boats carefully inspected before taking them to our boatyard. Basically, a sea test is made, together with the ship owner and/or the captain, in order to check the effective boat condition and consequently plan the maintenance work during the winter. Then we submit an estimate and begin with the first standard interventions, such as:

  • Hauling;
  • Hull cleaning
  • Boat lifting, keel blocking and hull support.

Further standard interventions on the boat regard the engine routine maintenance, such as its fresh water cleaning, heat exchanger circuits and baskets cleaning, engine inspection and mechanical wire greasing. Then we apply on the hull two coats of the best antifouling paint available on the market. Last but not least, we also care for overall maintenance of the power unit, the hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems.

Before entering our yard, the yacht is carefully cleaned with fresh water and covered with a nylon tarpaulin. Once inside, the boat is attentively submitted to extra interventions, carried out by our competent craftsmen. Our staff also take care of the periodic battery recharge.

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