OYS boatyard offers carpentry services that makes wood furniture and instalments specifically thought for your boat. We realize, repair and replace teak decks and gunwales with the best materials available.

    Whether you are looking for teak-deck repairs, custom yacht carpentry modifications or fixing interior damages on your vessel, our staff is here to help you every step of the way.

    We are proud to make unique and handcrafted teak decks. We realize tailor made design furniture, internal and external floor, using only the best equipment and materials available in the market.

    We can customise your yacht by using best trends in carpentry.

    Our client can choose among a wide range of carpentry works, according to their requests and their boat style. As far as the interventions on teak decks are concerned, we always achieve the best results, thanks to our professional staff.

    You can also choose the teak gumming colour, varying from the classic black, to the modern grey or white colour ranges. Not only do we make new decks, but we repair the old ones, too. We sometimes change some old staves and the gumming too.

    We are always at your disposal for a free site inspection, in order to check the deck condition, and consequently suggest you the most appropriate assistance.

    Ready assistance, on-site inspection and no-obligation offer 329-8768807 – Mail

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